Bespoke Events

Marengo Travel configure, plan and realize your conventions with our proficient, dynamic and imaginative methodology to meet your quality necessities. We organize meetings that best suit both the necessities of our clients and the accommodation of guests. Marengo Travel team helps to organize technical trips to relevant facilities, short excursions, cultural events and tours before and after the event.

Our guests find the most chic spots of the DMC before any other person. We provide representative travel services, including private jet rentals, meals at famous restaurants and specially selected 5-star hotels.

Our teams inspect all DMC locations in Turkey to check out new hotels and restaurants. We strive to serve our customers in the best places with the best quality service. We closely monitor changes for all known areas. Let us create for You!

Marengo Travel has the ability to understand your occasions in a brief timeframe with a brilliant idea matching your expectations. We are specialist about celebration associations, idea parties, VIP gatherings, stylized gala nights. Mark your birthday in a big way anywhere in Turkey.